Hi ladies, tell us a bit about yourselves.

It all began over a cup of coffee. We’re two mums from Australia and we found it difficult to source feed-wear that was both feminine and modern whilst still being functional. With a shared desire to create elegant and effortless clothing for nursing mums, ‘Bun Mini and Mum‘ was born on March 2018.

Bun Mum speaks to the modern mother by captivating a unique balance of pretty femininity and contemporary cool silhouettes. Our children are central to everything we do and with three girls between us we were motivated to design pieces for our little ones, and so Bun Mini was created. Inspired by creativity, imagination and the playful world of children, each piece is thoughtfully designed to be practical and beautifully unique.

At Bun Mini and Mum we select fabrics for quality and style, which include lush Linens and soft Cottons. Our collections are classic and simple, but not ordinary. Designed in Australia and ethically manufactured in Bali, we are conscious of the impact manufacturing has on our environment. At Bun, we are determined to limit the amount of plastics used and use more sustainable packaging. We hope you love Bun as much as we do!


When you first approached Clothing Manufacturers Asia, what happened?

It was truly amazing to be contacted so promptly after filling in our details on CMA’s website. In less than 24hrs we received a phone call from the Client Services Manager Mr. Tano. – Sarah & Marnie


My Designs and Tech Packs

After spending nine months working with another factory in Bali and not even reaching the production stage, with CMA in only a few days we went from discussing our requirements to submitting our production for quoting to being assigned a Production Manager named Luh, whom we had another amazing in-depth discussion with, and straight away got the ball rolling.

Both Luh and Tano informed us that the best way to send our designs through was via detailed tech packs. With little experience in putting tech packs together, this process seemed quite daunting. However, with a step-by-step phone tutorial with Tano and using CMA’s very easy to follow guide we were surprised how simple this extremely important part of the design process was!

Luh also informed us for sampling of our first collection that if we already had patterns and samples produced by our previous manufacturer that we have the right to ask for them to be sent to CMA – they are our IP after all we had paid for them. This single piece of advice was extremely valuable because it saved us a lot of time and money!

We absolutely love working with a progressive organisation that shares our vision for our brand. - Sarah & Marnie

Sourcing My Fabrics and Materials

We chose CMA as our manufacturer because they have extensive knowledge and experience working with natural fabrics such as Linens and Cottons which is what Bun is all about.

We found that when dyeing the linen we don’t always get the pantone colour we are hoping for. With Luh’s expertise and dedication to ensuring we are 100% happy, we have come up with the right solution for our production – AMAZING!

Whether you're a large established company or a small start-up like us, CMA gives you the same level of importance and priority. - Sarah & Marnie

My Patterns and Samples

Because of CMA’s extensive experience, we rarely feel the need to make any changes to our patterns or samples. Unlike many other manufactures, CMA are excellent at seeking clarification regarding design specifications before proceeding with sampling. Once again, this saves us loads of time and money.

Once we approve our samples, Luh’s dedicated team are quick to work on grading our patterns, organising materials, and test dyeing any swatches we may need.

We have also been very fortunate to have Luh send pieces from our production should we request them for photo shoots and our promotions.

We're thrilled to be part of the CMA family. We know that being a part of CMA, Bun will meet its goals. - Sarah & Marnie

My Main Production

When it comes to our production, working with a highly skilled and ethical manufacturer like CMA is extremely important. Because CMA is now our production team, we can be confident that the quality of our garments will always be of the highest standard, and the lead times given will always be met; this has consistently been our experience to-date. CMA have also gone above and beyond for us by coming up with a solution to ensure that we receive our productions earlier than the expected production times of 6-8 weeks, allowing us to sell our clothing while our brand gets represented at upcoming fashion expos.

We were also very relieved to know that CMA would organise all our labelling from hang tags, woven labels, care labels, and to any special labelling we might require. All we had to do was send the artwork through and the rest was taken care of for us.

Due to the quality control checks that happen along our production cycle, we never have to reject any garments and this gives us, the customer, unparalleled confidence for each season.


Even More Reasons to Work With CMA

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