Creating Your Teck Packs

Accuracy Is Key To The
Success Of  Your Production

A Tech Pack is the document that highlights all the technical design specs for each of your styles – tech packs are the blueprints. Your clothing tech packs provide you two important things. Firstly, you’ll save loads of time and money during the pattern cutting and sample making process; your samples will be produced correctly faster. Secondly, factories will be able to accurately calculate your exact quotes; they won’t be able to cheat you by giving you low cost figures to attract you only to increase costs later.

All proper tech packs must clearly provide the following information. This page explains each section in detail.

  • Photos / Sketches of each style (front + back)

  • Names / descriptions of your desired fabrics

  • Seam-to-seam measurements for at least one size

  • Bill of Materials showing items like buttons/zippers

  • Close-ups of features like pockets or ruffles

  • Names / Pantone codes of your desired colours

  • Artworks for embroidery or printing

  • Specs for items like labels or hang tags


Everything You Need In Your Tech Packs

Your Images / Photos / Sketches

The images, photos, or sketches you provide must be 100% clear. They MUST NOT have people wearing the clothing, we only want to see the clothing. They must show the front, the back, and close-ups of features such as pockets or ruffles. We prefer to have 2-D outline images called “flats”. Some clients professionally make 3-D images called “mock-ups”. If you intend to hand-sketch your images, they must be absolutely accurate and clear otherwise we won’t accept them. Use the slider to see acceptable image types.


Your Desired Fabrics


The beauty of working with CMA is that we can source from thousands of fabrics. Since we have such an extensive range, we need for you to first narrow down the choices for us. Ideally you should know the exact fabrics you want to work with. Alternatively, you can include the type of fabric along with words like “breathable”, “moisture wicking”, or “recycled” or you can type basic descriptions like “recycled fabric, for cool weather running, printable”. We will help narrow down the options for you. If you want a broader quote, simply list more fabrics.

Your Desired Fabric Colours

It’s important to keep in mind that while some fabrics come in numerous stock colour options, many fabrics come in very limited colours or only in RFD (ready-for-dyeing). Some suppliers have colour cards while others don’t because they custom-dye fabrics to your specs. When you create your tech packs, it’s best to enter the colours you desire to have. If a colour isn’t available as stock, we’ll dye your fabric for you. You can use the name of a colour or ideally you would use Pantone’s Colour Finder for colour codes – look for TCX, TSX, and TN.


Your Seam-to-Seam Measurement

Design Tech Packs seam measurements oneClothingManufacturersAsia

You need to provide the seam measurements for all seams, everywhere. Seams must be indicated on your images/photos/sketches with lines that correspond to a specific seam – don’t make us guess. And the measurements must be charted next to the image section so we can match everything up. We only need this done for one size, your Sample Size. We grade all other sizes free of charge but for the purposes of your quotes and pattern drafting/cutting, we need this done for at least one size. Use the slider to see what’s acceptable.

Your Artwork For Embroidery, Printing, & Embellishments

CMA provides excellent embroidery, amazing printing, and superb hand-work. In order for us to quote on or produce these for you, we need you to provide your artwork as part of your tech packs. If you intend to place a design on a specific spot on your garments (ex: logo), then you must attach the artwork file and show us its relative position including its (height x width) dimensions. If it’s being printed in a repeated style, then just attach the file. If we’re doing hand-work (ex: sequinning), we need to see the artwork along with examples.


Your Bill Of Materials (BoM) Section


The Bill of Materials is basically an itemised list of the types of materials your clothing needs along with photos of the items. Say for example you’re making a dress and you want to use coconut buttons. We need to know this and we need to see what type of button shape you want. The same goes for all materials such as clips, clasps, drawstrings, moulded cups, underwire, zippers; there are tens of thousands of possible options so we need you to tell us what you want so we can narrow down the choices for you.

Your Custom Care Labels, Hang Tags, And Woven Labels

We custom make all labels and tags for our clients. For care labels, we have certain low-cost standard options that we can show you. But for woven labels or hang tags, these are completely customisable. If we’re sourcing your fabric from Carvico, they will provide custom hang tags that describe the fabric; this is an excellent opportunity for your brand to be presented by a large-scale sustainable company. This section in your tech packs must show specifications along with drawings/images and artwork.


Your Custom Packaging


CMA makes custom packaging of all types including boxes, bags, and we even have recycled or biodegradable options available. There are countless options available, and we can custom produce your packaging from a wide variety of materials. There are no standard prices, everything is custom made for each client. The best thing to do is include all design specs, images/mock-ups/photos, your artwork and branding, and we’ll produce your custom packaging accordingly. Click here to see examples of recycled tags and packaging.


Please ensure the correct specs are submitted as per this checklist. If you submit less, then you’re going to receive an email from a nice Client Services person to remind you to send the correct details. Once you’ve submitted your completed tech packs, our Client Services team will review them, and then assign a dedicated Production Manager who will begin the quoting process for you.


  1. Sketches/Images: Clear, flat, shows all features, and doesn’t have people in them; just the clothes.
  2. Fabrics: We can source thousands of options but what do you desire? Click here to see popular options.
  3. Fabric Colours: This tells us whether your fabrics come in stock colours or needs dyeing.
  4. Seam Measurements: Must be shown on your images for all seams and all features, everywhere.
  5. Bill of Materials: Show us the materials you want like buttons, clasps, drawstrings, zippers, etc.
  6. Labels & Tags: These are completely customisable, include design specs for what you wish to have.
  7. Packaging: These are completely customisable, include design specs – some limits may apply.
  8. Instructions: If you have special stitches or other special requirements, add them in.

Are you ready with everything? Please click this Contact Us link to email us and we will respond within working hours.


Starting a sustainable fashion brand is daunting and complicated. But from the moment I approached CMA they provided me with unparalleled service and support. Their team are experts, they knew exactly what I needed, and produced perfect fitting clothes exactly as per my specifications. Thank you CMA!

Taner Kay, Founder, ReTale Clothing

The CMA team helped me every step of the way to launch my label successfully. They’re fantastic communicators!

Caroline Moriarty, Founder, The Gypsy & The Officer