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What Goes into Quality Fitness Clothing?

One of the more popular trends in recent years has been the rise of active wear; that is, fashionable sports garments designed to be worn not just for exercise but throughout the day as well. Fitness clothing manufacturers have been around for years, but it’s only recently that active wear manufacturers in Bali have risen to prominence. Clothing Manufacturers Asia works with a number of these businesses to ensure quality fabrication for a range of brands across the globe. Below are the three elements that we think are most critical to the success of your new active wear range.


Go to any active wear factory and they’ll tell you the same thing: fabric is king. From soft-wearing Cotton and French Terry blends to Rayon/Cotton and Dri-Fit moisture-wicking materials, the type of fabric you use in your active wear range is critical. Depending on the intended use of the piece, some customers might appreciate the lightness and sturdiness offered by Dri-Fit, while others might prefer something more comfortable like Cotton blends. Understanding your customers and designing the pieces to take advantage of different fabrics to suit their needs is critical.

Cut & Shape

Given the number of active wear brands out there these days, the product offering across the market can be quite competitive. This means that customers can be pickier than ever, looking for the perfect piece, and won’t settle for anything less. For many people, this often comes down to the cut and shape of different garments. Whether shorts are too long or short, tops too restrictive or not in the right shape, recognising the styles that your customers are interested in is crucial to ensure you stand out from the pack and offer something of value to your customers.

Product Range

Finally, any good active wear brand needs to have a quality range of different products. It’s not good enough to simply offer a pair of leggings or a sports bra. Rather, the most successful brands allow their customers to tailor an appropriate outfit from different aspects of their range. We’ve even had active wear brands ask us to connect them with custom hat manufacturers to add further diversification to their range. From t shirts to leggings, hats and everything in between, we recommend offering a good selection of products and you’ll see your sales increase dramatically!

Talk To Us About Your Gym Clothing Range

Clothing Manufacturers Asia can put brands in touch with gym clothing manufacturers from across Southeast Asia. Our partner manufacturers all offer ethical garment creation , ensuring no one is disadvantaged from the production of these clothes. Talk to us about your active wear range and get your brand off the ground!

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