Clothing Manufacturers Asia is Southeast Asia's leading clothing manufacturing agency. We are hired by fashion brands from all over the world to project manage the sourcing and ethical manufacturing of their clothing.



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Clothing Manufacturers Asia is Southeast Asia’s top ethical clothing manufacturing company designed for overseas clients. Here’s how we got there.

The story of how Clothing Manufacturers Asia came to be starts in 2013, when Luh Dewi started to design her own clothing line. She had traveled from Bali, Indonesia to Canada to work on her designs alongside local partners to bring her ideas to life. But working with clothing factories in Canada proved too expensive.

Luh returned to live in Bali while she continued designing her clothes. Then one day something happened that makes every designer cringe: her only manufacturer dumped her for a bigger project, and didn’t provide any refunds. She had already talked with clothing factories that she found online but most of them had the skills she needed and all of them were reputed to dump projects when something better came along.

So she did the only thing she could – and it was the hardest thing she has ever done. She got on her motorbike and scoured Bali, driving up and down every village, rice field, and alleyway, looking for manufacturers. Nine months later, she had recruited the largest collection of Bali’s top ethical-verified clothing manufacturers and factories to work for her. But she didn’t stop there. Today she and the CMA team continue to expand our network throughout Southeast Asia.

Many of her friends were asking her to help them manufacture their clothes too. And so began Clothing Manufacturers Asia, the region’s only collection of high quality ethical clothing manufacturers, where you can have a dedicated team of design professionals project manage your entire production for you.

Since these humble beginnings, hundreds of designers and retailers have used Clothing Manufacturers Asia to bring their designs to life. Today, CMA has regular clients from over 60 countries and is ranked the #1 clothing manufacturing agency website in the world.

Still based in Bali, Indonesia to this day, we help everyone from new startup brands (many of them only one person first time business owners) to mid-scale retailers that carry up to 150 products.

If you want your garments ethically manufactured by overseas factories, done right the first time, and don’t want to waste your time and money trying to figure everything out yourself, and you surely don’t want to get cheated in a foreign environment, then Clothing Manufacturers Asia is for you. We provide extraordinary English-speaking customer service.

We know you started your own line of clothing to pursue your passion for design, not to chase after factory workers or fight corruption. Let us do the hard work for you so you can focus on your business.

If you’d like to get your fashion business off the ground right away, simply send us your tech packs to get production quotes and information. If you don’t have tech packs yet, click here to design your own.