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The story of Clothing Manufacturers Asia starts in 2012, when Lianne Dennis began designing her own clothing line.

Lianne met with numerous factories during her visit to Bali but returned to Canada disappointed with the unethical practices, poor quality production, and lack of service. She later returned to live in Bali while she continued designing.

Then one day the unthinkable happened – Lianne’s only manufacturer dumped her for a bigger project and didn’t provide a refund. She scrambled to find new factories but the ones she found online produced low quality clothing.

Yet, Lianne didn’t give up hope. She got on her motorbike and scoured Bali, driving up and down every village, rice field, and alleyway looking for manufacturers. Almost 18 months later, she had recruited the largest collection of Bali’s top ethical manufacturers to work for her.

So began Clothing Manufacturers Asia, the region’s only private network of ethical-verified high quality clothing manufacturers, where you can have your own dedicated team of design professionals project manage your entire production for you, from end-to-end.

Today, CMA works for over 1,800+ registered fashion brands from more than 65 countries and is considered one of Southeast Asia’s best top-rated ethical-verified clothing manufacturers.

We help everyone from emerging start-ups to large-scale retailers that carry upwards of 300 SKU’s.

Her dedication and grace in the face of adversity inspired her Balinese colleagues so much, they gave her a Balinese name, “Luh Dewi”. Dewi which means “the Goddess”, and Luh because no one could pronounce Lianne correctly.

If you want your clothing ethically manufactured, done right the first time, and don’t want to waste your time and money trying to figure everything out yourself and you especially want to avoid being cheated in a foreign environment, then Clothing Manufacturers Asia is for you. We provide extraordinary English-speaking customer service.

We know you started your own clothing line to pursue your passion for design, not to chase after factory workers or fight corruption. Let us do the hard work for you so you can focus on your business.

If you’d like to get your fashion business off the ground right away, simply send us your tech packs to get production quotes and information. If you don’t have tech packs yet, click here to design your own.

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