Clothing Manufacturers Asia is Southeast Asia's leading clothing manufacturing agency. We are hired by fashion brands from all over the world to project manage the sourcing and ethical manufacturing of their clothing.



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Clothing-Manufacturers-Asia-red-handClothing Manufacturers Asia exclusively works with ethical garment manufacturers across Southeast Asia. This means that our manufacturers all provide healthy and safe working environments for their workers, provide good living wages to their workers, help to reduce poverty by creating sustainable communities, and minimise their environmental impact. Working ethically is morally right.

If you’re a factory in Southeast Asia, that operates ethically and wants to join our network, please contact us below.

At Clothing Manufacturers Asia, our primary objective is to ensure that our clients receive the best service, and top quality garments, every time we work together.

In order to maintain our highest level of service, Clothing Manufacturers Asia have created a solid on-boarding process to provide our clients a smooth flowing transition from the moment they enquire, to the time we prepare their completed garments for shipping.

  • Clear client on-boarding process with action-points at each stage to get their production started effortlessly.
  • Clients always know exactly what to expect, and what to provide manufacturers, to move productions quickly.
  • Work through CMA’s experienced industry professionals, even if the client has never produced anything before.
  • CMA’s Dedicated Project Managers handle all the communication on behalf of our clients; a single point of contact.

Get in touch with us by filling in the form below, to explore the opportunity of working together.

Sustainable Partnerships

CMA supports a sustainable clothing manufacturing industry while helping designers and retailers to produce high quality clothing for their brands, ethically. Join our growing network of ethical clothing manufacturers in Southeast Asia today.

testimonial manufacturer putu
“We’ve been working with Clothing Manufacturers Asia since 2015; they’re amazing! CMA brings us exactly the projects we love working on, they do all the production management, and their team are super experienced. They’ve saved us time and increased our sales. If you’re a factory, I strongly recommend you start working with them as well.”
Putu, Director One of Indonesia's Top Ethical Manufacturers

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