Clients from around the globe come to us all the time asking whether we work with board shorts manufacturers because surf wear never goes out of style. Bathing suits, swimwear and boardies are always in demand because people love to go to the beach or the pool. But, not everyone knows what goes into a good swimwear range. Below, we’ve highlighted the four things to consider when it comes to your new collection.

Unique Colours and Prints  

With fashion leaning towards brighter colours and louder prints, we find that the most successful swimwear brands also include these elements in their apparel. Bathing suit manufacturers are growing more comfortable with embracing unique colour combinations and have more confidence to create perfect swimwear for their clients. By having a range of products including more traditional swimwear all the way through to the outrageous, you can offer more styles to more customers and get them engaged with your brand.

Quality Fabrics

Gone are the days when consumers would accept swimwear fading or falling apart after a few wears; customers want garments that last, and if a particular brand fails to last, they’ll simply shop elsewhere. The fabrics that are now used in bathing suits and board shorts are designed for use in chlorine and sea salt waters, meaning they are sturdy and colourfast, ensuring the garments last for a long time. If you’re looking to get into swimwear, make sure your fabrics are priority number one!

Good Shapes

Swimwear, much like most other fashion, is built around different cuts and shapes. Aside from product differences (like Bikinis, Boardshorts, Speedos, etc.), each of these can be adjusted to fit in a different way. Variable lengths on board shorts and Speedos, different bikini shapes and much more; the variety available to brands is vast. Given this, designers need to consider what their customers are looking for and tailor their range to suit them.

Dependable Manufacturers

Lastly, the most important point when it comes to your swimwear range is to work with an experienced manufacturer. Bikini and board short manufacturers have the skill, experience and understanding to deliver quality products time and again. With a dependable process, these manufacturers can minimise disruptions, saving you time and money, ultimately producing outstanding garments. Find out more about mass production with experienced manufacturers today.

Introduce Swimwear into Your Range Today

With more brands than ever before getting into swimwear, board shorts manufacturers are constantly striving to be the ones to deliver the quality garments to these businesses. As Southeast Asia’s largest manufacturers agent, Clothing Manufacturers Asia can pair your business with the top bathing suit manufacturers across the region. Get in touch with us today to get your swimwear range on the shelves tomorrow!