Exclusively Ethical Clothing Manufacturing

There are roughly 40 million garment workers in the world today. They are some of the lowest paid people, 85% of whom are women, and nearly all of whom do not share the same rights and freedoms that people in developed countries do. The violation of human rights is simply too big to ignore. As part of this $3 Trillion per year industry, it is our responsibility to use our collective influence to effect positive change.

Watch the trailer of the critically acclaimed documentary True Cost; a movie about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the industry is having on our world.

How Clothing Manufacturers Asia Helps


No Forced Labour

No one should be forced into slavery to earn a basic living. As a garment agency, CMA helps connect designers and retailers with factories that care about workers’ welfare.


Working Transparently

Meet the people who make your clothes. At CMA, we promote the honest work of our ethical clothing manufacturers by connecting the dots; revealing the makers to their buyers.


Being the Change

By working exclusively with ethical clothing manufacturers, CMA ensures positive change for both producers and brands. Be the change you want to see!

Join the Fashion Revolution!

A rising tide will lift all boats. At CMA, we believe that we can all continue to operate in a globalized world that values humans and our planet. Working together we simply need to own our part. We’ve joined the revolution. Have you?

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Make “Cheap” A Thing Of The Past

A t-shirt for 2€ is possible nowadays. Historically, consumers haven’t considered who is paying the real price to produce something for so cheap. But they’ve started to wake up. They demand transparency from brands, to learn where and how their clothes are made. In order to help improve working conditions and protect our environment, brands need to take responsibility for the people on which their business depends.

As an apparel and garment agency invested in change, CMA offers designers and retailers the opportunity to work with ethical clothing manufacturers across Southeast Asia. This means you can tell your customers where their clothes are made and be proud that your brand stands for quality and equality.