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Welcome to Clothing Manufacturers Asia’s Help & FAQs page. We have compiled a list of some common questions we receive from our clients.

Before you go any further, have you read each of our Services pages? In order to familiarise yourself with how CMA works, please visit all of our Services pages first. If you haven’t found an answer to what you’re looking for on our Services pages and/or on this Help & FAQs page, then leave us a detailed message via our Contact Us page – click here.


Calculating Production Related Costs

Whether we’re talking about the cost of sewing a garment (CMT), or the cost of dyeing fabrics, or the costs of embroidery and printing, or the costs of any other production related activity, there is no way to know an answer until we review your design specifications. Why? Because CMA is a custom clothing manufacturing company, everything depends on the styles you’re making and how they need to be made.

There are only two ways for us to provide you with quotes. We do not work from photos alone.

  1. Our preference is to receive your detailed tech packs (your blueprints) via email. Tech packs must have proper clear 2D or 3D images, names of fabrics, names of fabric colours, the full suite of seam-to-seam measurements (included for all features), your artwork if you intend to embroider or print, examples of all required materials (ex: buttons or zippers), and your custom labels and tags information. If you are unsure what all this means, please click here: Design Tech Packs page.
  2. Some clients choose to ship clothing items to us instead of emailing tech packs. This option is only possible if you don’t alter the shape or the seam measurements of the items you are shipping. You can alter the fabrics, the fabric colours, add your own embroidery/printing, and your own labels/tags. But if you intend to alter the shape or measurements, then you’ll need to accompany your samples with semi-filled tech packs that highlight your alteration instructions. In this scenario, think of the tech pack as your project tracking document.

Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)

CMA has three levels of order quantities because we have small, medium, and large-scale facilities. The following MOQs should serve as a guide only. Actual production MOQs may vary depending on which styles you’re producing. Once you’ve submitted your tech packs or shipped your samples to us, we will calculate your exact MOQs.

IMPORTANT: Not all clothing styles can be produced in all facilities. Some facilities have specialised machinery that are required to make specific styles of clothing (ex: denim garments versus swimwear garments). This is why we need to see your specifications first to determine your specific MOQs.

Small-scale Facilities: MOQs start at 50 pieces per style + per colour. With a minimum of 10 pieces per size. In some cases, your first production order must total at least 350 pieces across all styles.

Mid-scale Facilities: MOQs start from 300 to 600 pieces per style + per colour. With minimums from 50 to 100 pieces per size. In some cases, your first production order must total at least 1,200 to 3,000 pieces across all styles.

Large-scale Facilities: MOQs start at 1,500 to 25,000 pieces per style + per colour. With minimums from 250 to 4,000 pieces per size. In some cases, your first production order must total at least 7,500 to 50,000 pieces across all styles.

Hats Facilities: MOQs start at 75 pieces per style + per colour. Your first production order must total at least 150 pieces across all styles.

Socks Facilities: MOQs start at 500 pieces per style + per size. Your production order must total at least 2,500 pieces across all styles.

Production Timeframes

Lead times are fluid because our production cues are constantly fluctuating. This happens because of three main reasons: the total number of clients ahead of you; the total size of these productions that are ahead of you; and/or the specific time of the year you’re producing. For example, during major global holidays like Christmas/New Years or Ramadan, lead times are longer because workers go on extended holidays or our facilities must shut early due to Ramadan-timings. Until we know when you expect to secure your spot in the production cue, we have no way of knowing a precise answer to this question.

If you don’t factor in the lead times and/or the time it takes for you to provide your approvals and payments, then samples can take anywhere from 10 to 14 business days to complete. It can be a bit faster if you have very few styles or a bit longer if you have a lot of styles.

A production timeframe between 1 to 4 weeks is not realistic.

CMA is constantly in production because we have over 1,800 registered clients, the production lines are always busy. If you’re in a rush, it doesn’t change the fact that there are lead times which we will not jump nor will we compromise on quality.

There are several factors that impact your production timeframes. These factors include the back-and-forth communication with you regarding your production requirements, time to research and obtain quotes, your speed of providing payments to secure your productions (bank-to-bank transfers can take days), the existing production cues ahead of you (lead times), your speed of providing approvals to move production stages forward, pattern making, samples production and testing, the time for mass production and quality control stages, tagging, bagging, and finally shipping to your location.

To give you an idea, an average production size of 5,000 pieces can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks if you provide your approvals on-time. The larger the volume and more complex the styles become, then it will take longer.

Payment Policies

For pattern making and samples, all payments are 100% up-front. For mass productions, depending on which of our facilities we’re using, we’ll either require 50% up-front and 50% on completion or we’ll require 70% up front and 30% upon completion. In either case, these will need to be paid before shipping your completed productions to you.

For all productions, we only accept bank-to-bank transfers. For our Sample Packs or any payments that are less than $50 USD, we can accept PayPal.

Pattern Cutting & Sample Making

Yes. Sending in your own patterns can speed up the time it takes to produce your samples. But since CMA already provides pattern making as a service, you don’t need to do this on your own if you don’t want to.

Pattern cutting + sample making can cost anywhere from 2x to 5x production cost but everything depends entirely on what you’re producing, the fabrics and materials that are being used, whether there is any embroidery or printing or other embellishent being applied, etc. Once we review your design specifications, we can provide you with a quote.

Size grading is completed free of charge after you’ve approved your prototypes/samples as correct and you’ve confirmed your production run.

Yes and No. As long as you alter at least 30% of the original clothing’s style, then these styles can be replicated. But if you want to copy their style, their features, and designs, then we cannot work on this because it’s illegal.

Fabric Dyeing, Embroidery, Printing & More

Yes. CMA provides excellent quality natural fabric dyeing. And for printing we use OEKO-Tex certified inks as well as water-based inks, depending on the chosen method. Check out this post from our Instagram page to see videos and photos of the natural dyeing process:

CMA can produce amazing print quality through screen printing, digital printing, digital sublimation, digital direct-to-garment, heat press, discharge, reactive or pigment printing, flocking, and more. Send us your graphic design files as part of your tech packs and we will recommend the best option for you.

Yes. CMA provides excellent quality machine and/or hand-made embellishment work including applique, beading, sequinning, and more. The specifications for these must be included in your tech packs as artwork.

We accept Ai (Adobe Illustrator), PDF, JPG, or PNG file formats. Your minimum image resolution must be at least 300 dpi.

Global Shipping

There’s no way to know the answer to this question without first knowing a few things. First: we need to know how many boxes we’re shipping. Second: we need to know the overall dimensions of all the boxes together which gives us the total shipment volume. Third: we need to know the total weight of all the boxes together. Fourth: we need to know which freight forwarder we’ll be using. Fifth: we need to know the final destination because distances matter in shipping. Keep in mind that each freight forwarder has its own fees and you still need to calculate other factors such as duties and taxes which will impact your shipping costs. With sea freight, your minimum volume must be at least 3 cubic metres.

It depends on where you live, and which shipping method we need to use. To give you an example, our clients receive their packages usually between 4 to 10 business days from the shipping date. The fastest we’ve seen is 48 hours door-to-door but this has to do with express options. Sea freight can take months.

CMA guarantees that your garments are securely packed and sent with the chosen shipping company but we don’t maintain any responsibility once your packages are out of our premises. It’s highly recommended that you add insurance to your shipments for this exact reason. You’ll need to speak with your shipping agent or freight forwarder for further details about your shipments.

I’m A Factory

First and foremost, CMA exclsuively works with ethical-verified facilities. This means that your factory must meet global standards with respect to worker’s rights and the ethical treatment of all workers. And we believe in Fair Trade business standards. Following this, we focus on your production quality, the state of your facilities, and your capacities. CMA uses a multi-point assessment system when conducting our audits; your facility must meet and/or exceed all criteria in order to qualify for partnership. Once you complete the registration process, we will provide more clarity on our audit format and process.

Yes. Please complete the form on our Contact Us page. One of our Managers will be in touch with you during regular business hours.

Although these certifications will help your business to improve production standards and raise your profile in the eyes of your stakeholders, you will not be required to have certifications outside of your country’s legal business registration requirements. Please keep in mind that if you work with GOTS certified fabrics, then in order to be considered a relevant opertaive in the supply chain, you must also be GOTS certified. Our preference will always be to work with certified facilities.

Yes, we are happy to work within your operating policies. We will be reviewing all of these policies during the qualification process.

I’m A Fashion Buyer

Yes. Please email our Production Director in order to begin the qualification process. You need to visit our website’s Contact Us page and send a detailed message via the form or send us an email with ATTN: Ms. Lianne Dennis, Director.

NOTE: All buyers must work for or on behalf of registered companies. Relevant business references will be requested.

Yes. CMA has a number of factory brands that we can showcase for you. You’ll need to contact our management team and complete our qualification process. Please Contact Us for more.

Once you’ve been approved through our qualification and registration process, you will need to submit a detailed merchandising request document in order to help us narrow down your options to relevant clients only. We will then initiate contact with our clients on your behalf before a conference call or meeting can be arranged. Keep in mind that CMA has over 1,800 registered clients, some of them producing up to 300 SKU’s.

We encourage buyers/merchandisers to be involved in the stock management process. However, CMA and our facilities adhere to strict collectively agreed anti-theft and intellectual property rights policies. In short, CMA manages all release of intellectual property and maintains project management of the production of all clothing as per our agreement with our clients.

We provide ad-hoc forecasting based on current activities within our supply chain. Information includes but is not limited to; the most produced or most requested styles, most requested or ordered fabric types, fabric colours, print categories, notions and types of materials, average styles per client category, average order volumes per style, etc. We do not disclose private production details of specific clients or other private client information. For truly in-depth market analyses, we highly recommend registering with companies such as WGSN, Stylus, etc.