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Clothing Manufacturers Asia exclusively works in ethical-verified custom clothing manufacturing. Our facilities consistently produce top quality clothing. We are an export-oriented custom clothing manufacturing company that focuses on ethical manufacturing principles and promotes the use of sustainable fabrics.

CMA’s main production process is the easiest and most secure in the industry because our production teams handles all the hard work for you. You get to work with CMA’s experienced production team while having your clothing produced by highly skilled ethical factories.

On this page we’ve provided an easy-to-understand explanation of how CMA’s main production process works. If you have questions, simply click this Contact Us link for assistance.



Exclusively working with ethical clothing factories is at the core of our ethos. Factory workers are paid above-average living wages, they work in clean and safe environments, migrant workers are given proper living quarters, our factories make a positive impact on surrounding communities, and all staff are treated with respect and can work with dignity. To learn more, visit our Ethical Manufacturing page. Or visit our Instagram for a closer look.


Once you’ve approved your final master samples, your assigned Production Manager will coordinate with our finance team to prepare invoices. Once you’ve secured your production, your PM will source all of your fabrics, materials, labels, and tags in preparation for your production, and they will enter your production in the cue to ensure your spot is secure. They regularly send you photo/video updates. Everything is done for you by your PM.


With specialised in-house facilities, our factories provide superb quality fabric dyeing including natural dyeing, hand-operated or computerized embroidery, and various methods of printing such as batik, block, digital direct-to-garment, sublimation, silk screen, and more. We also provide excellent embellishments such as hand-made sequin and beading. Check out our high-level detail and quality: The 100-Hour Dress – click here.


With all CMA services, we assign a dedicated Production Manager to your brand. Your PM provides sourcing of all your fabrics + materials + labels + tags + packaging, they conduct quality control, they work inside our factories on your production, they keep you updated on every aspect of your production activity, and they ensure all garments are securely packed and shipped to you once completed. They are at the heart of your supply chain and an integral part of your team.


At Clothing Manufacturers Asia we have three levels of order quantities. This is because CMA has three scales of manufacturing – small, medium, and large-scale facilities. Some of our facilities are geared toward helping start-up brands while our other facilities are there to help growing or established brands.

The beauty of working with CMA is that as your brand grows its sales and requires higher capacities, we simply transition your production into one of our larger facilities. Your supply chain is uninterrupted and you don’t need to look for a new factory. Your Dedicated Production Manager will still be your assigned PM and handle everything for you so your team doesn’t change either.

* The Minimum Order Quantities we’ve provided below are starting MOQs and should serve as a guide only. Actual production MOQs may vary depending on which style you’re producing. Once you’ve submitted your design specs, we will calculate the exact MOQs for your production.

small-scale-facilitiesSmall-scale Facilities: MOQs start at 50 pieces per style + per colour. With a minimum of 10 pieces per size. In some cases, your first production order must total at least 350 pieces across all styles.

Mid-scale Facilities: MOQs start from 300 to 600 pieces per style + per colour. With minimums from 50 to 100 pieces per size. In some cases, your first production order must total at least 1,200 to 3,000 pieces across all styles.
Large-scale Facilities: MOQs start at 1,500 to 25,000 pieces per style + per colour. With minimums from 250 to 4,000 pieces per size. In some cases, your first production order must total at least 7,500 to 50,000 pieces across all styles.

Hats-FacilitiesHats Facilities: MOQs start at 75 pieces per style + per colour. Your first production order must total at least 150 pieces across all styles.

Socks-FacilitiesSocks Facilities: MOQs start at 500 pieces per style + per size. Your production order must total at least 2,500 pieces across all styles.


We’ve provided a quick checklist to help you prepare for your Main Production. You can also learn more when you visit the How It Works page.

  1. COMMUNICATION: One of the most crucial aspects of getting your main production under way is to communicate effectively with your Production Manager. They will engage you via email, phone, Skype, and WhatsApp. Ensure you always set aside time to speak with your PM when they request a call with you, it’s likely important. A delay from you will be a delay to your production.
  2. INVOICING: Your assigned Production Manager is going to coordinate with CMA’s finance team to ensure you receive all production related invoices. Ensure that you’ve budgeted correctly based on the quotes you’ve received. You will be prompted to make your payments for the starting or completion stages of your productions.

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Working with Clothing Manufacturers Asia and closely with my Project Manager, has made my journey starting my label exciting and a true pleasure. Their professionalism, and personal communication standard has blown me away. The quality and efficiency through my sample process is more than I ever imagined. I look forward to many more exciting years to come with CMA. And thank you CMA team, for all your patience and hard work.

Katherine Baker, Founder, BEACH BUMS

My experience with Clothing Manufacturers Asia has been very positive throughout my samples and main production runs. They are professional yet very personable, which helps build a trusting relationship. As a result, I can trust that they want to provide the best quality product to every one of their clients.

Julia Barnes, Founder, HONUBELLE

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