Clothing Manufacturers Asia is Southeast Asia's leading clothing manufacturing agency. We are hired by fashion brands from all over the world to project manage the sourcing and ethical manufacturing of their clothing.



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Patterns Made
for Exact Fit

You’ll never need to make patterns again. CMA’s exceptional manufacturers produce patterns directly from your tech packs.
We’ll even grade your sizes for you.

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Professionally Made

Access some of the region’s top seasoned pattern-makers when working with CMA. Everything is done in-house.

Exact Fit

From your detailed tech packs, CMA will help produce your patterns based on your seam-to-seam measurements.

Own Your Patterns

When we produce your patterns for you, you own them. Ask for your patterns at any time, we’ll send them to you.

Size Grading

Our manufacturers can easily grade all your pattern sizes for you. Simply share your sizing guide with us. It’s easy!


“I engaged Clothing Manufacturers Asia to manage my start-up men’s label. Working with a foreign entity initially was daunting but after having Luh handle the creation of my garments, I knew I was in safe hands. CMA’s on-time updates, detailed manufacturing information, and quick service, are all hallmarks of my experience with CMA. I look forward to a long relationship with CMA.”
Will Howarth, Founder of Billy Said

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FAQs for Pattern Creation

Yes some of our manufacturers can however almost all the manufacturers in our network create their own patterns on paper. They can create patterns from your tech packs.
The costs to create patterns can vary between manufacturers. Some manufacturers include the pattern making costs as part of the sampling cost, while other manufacturers may charge a flat fee of $30 USD or more per pattern.
Yes and No. As long as you alter at least 30% of their original style, the shorts can be replicated. But if you want to copy their style, their features, and designs, then we cannot work on this because it is illegal.
Yes. Paper patterns can easily be replicated from and it can speed up the time it takes to produce your samples.
Size grading is completed free of charge after your samples are completed and your production is confirmed.
No. At this time, CMA and our manufacturers don’t offer any design consulting or design services. We recommend connecting with design students and graphic designers looking for projects to work on.