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At Clothing Manufacturers Asia we pride ourselves on delivering top quality clothing with every production order. We understand that quality control really means quality assurance. This is why CMA employs an effective yet simple quality control process to ensure you receive high quality clothing with as few errors as humanly possible.

And if we’ve made a mistake, we’ll simply correct it.

On this page we’ve provided an easy-to-understand explanation of how CMA’s quality control process works. If you have questions, simply click this Contact Us link for assistance.



Clothing Manufacturers Asia’s quality control process uses a methodical human-based approach. During your production, individual pieces are pulled from the production line at random to check that the production is going as planned. Once your entire production is completed, your Production Manager along with our production team check every piece against your tech packs. Check out quality control in action – click here.


During the quality control process, we check for a variety of criteria. Each piece must pass this checklist otherwise it is sent back for review. The production team checks the quality of stitching, fabric performance, embroidery, printing, dyeing, the quality and strength of all hand-work, material applications, labels and tags quality, and also for the accuracy of seam-to-seam measurements.


It’s important to remember that we’re all human, and even though CMA’s main production and quality control processes are robust, once in a while there can be errors that we missed during the QC process. In the unlikely event that you receive your completed production order and a piece has errors, we’ll offer to either repair the affected clothing item(s) or replace it. Simply let your Production Manager know within 7 days of receiving your order.


We’ve provided a quick checklist to help you prepare for the Quality Control stage. If you need assistance, simply click this Contact Us link and leave us a message.

  1. CHECKING: For your first or second completed orders, we recommend that you open your shipment once you receive it and conduct a spot-test of some or all of the pieces. Our quality control process is comprehensive but we’re all human and if something was missed by accident, then we want to hear from you right away. Keep in mind, you have 7 days to let your Production Manager know of any errors.
  2. ERRORS: In the unlikely event that you find any piece(s) with errors, immediately take photos of the affected clothing, number each garment, take very clear close-up photos of the errors, prepare a document to track all affected pieces, then share all of this information with your Production Manager.

Luh and her staff at Clothing Manufacturers Asia are a key part of our team. They make the process of quality checking our pieces simple and straightforward. Their attention to detail is superb, they deliver results fast, and they always provide regular updates. I know I can rely on them to ensure the highest standards of our production quality. I completely trust and highly recommend CMA to any designer. Thank you so much for all your help!

Elle Liberachi, Founder, BROOCHINI

It has been a pleasure working with Clothing Manufacturers Asia, and to have direct access to my own dedicated Project Manager. It is always easy to discuss my productions and negotiate what I want through them. CMA are perfect for my startup because I needed low quantities, and they made it happen!

Alex Olney, Founder, SASSYBOY

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