Pattern Behaviour is owned and operated by Clothing Manufacturers Asia. CMA are Southeast Asia’s largest ethical clothing manufacturing agency.

Important FAQs

Welcome to the Pattern Behaviour Important FAQs page. We have compiled a list of the most common questions we receive from clients.

Please review these Important FAQs first before sending in your enquiry because we may already have an answer for your questions in here.

Alternatively, if you don’t find your questions answered in here, then please do leave us a detailed message on our Contact Us page.

About Costs

How much does a sample cost??

A sample’s production cost will depend on which garment you choose from our Shop and how you choose to customise it. Since each garment has its own unique attributes, and you’re going to add your own customisations to it, it will therefore have its own unique sample production cost.

Why are the clothing's prices not shown??

Because Pattern Behaviour is not a retail shop with only one price for each item of clothing. Since you will be customising every piece of clothing with your own unique fabric choices, your own unique printing or embroidery, your own unique labels and tags, there is no single set cost.

How do I know what my total order is going to cost??

Once you submit your order through Pattern Behaviour, one of our Client Services team will contact you to go over your order with you, and provide you with your calculated costs.

How can I pay for my order??

Once your order is confirmed, our finance team will send you an invoice. We accept only bank-to-bank transfers.

About Our Products

Where is your clothing made??

Pattern Behaviour is owned and operated by Clothing Manufacturers Asia. CMA are Southeast Asia’s largest clothing manufacturing agency. CMA exclusively works within a tested and vetted private network of some of the region’s largest ethical manufacturers. All of the clothes displayed on Pattern Behaviour are ethically made within CMA’s private network.

Who owns the original clothing designs??

Every garment is originally designed by one of the ethical manufacturers in our network. Our manufacturing partners own the rights to the patterns and have chosen to allow Pattern Behaviour’s clients to customise, rebrand, and resell these clothes as their own.

Do you have ready-to-wear stocks of your clothing??

No. Every garment in Pattern Behaviour needs to be produced, including the samples. We only maintain the clothing patterns. If you would like to order samples, please read the question, “Can I order samples of your clothes?”

Do you offer biodegradable packaging??

Yes! To order your organic biodegradable sleeves, please visit this page of our Shop. You can even customise them with eco-ink printing.

About Pattern Behaviour’s Service

How do I know your factories are ethical??

During CMA’s exhaustive vetting process of new factories, we check for the 3 P’s – People, Place, and Production. We review the working conditions and staff / management, we review their facilities and equipment, and we assess the quality and consistency of their workmanship. If they do not meet our standards for high quality ethical manufacturing, CMA simply doesn’t work with them.

What kind of production service and support do you provide??

Pattern Behaviour is owned and operated by Clothing Manufacturers Asia. CMA has a team of highly experienced Production Managers that source for and project manage all their client’s productions. When you place your order, a CMA Production Manager will be assigned to you and they will source all your fabrics and materials, and oversee your entire production from end-to-end.

Can I have exclusivity of any of the styles so that others can't have the same clothing that I do??

No. These styles of clothing are available to all of our clients. However, with so many possible customisations, including the fact you can add your own branding and company logos, there are many opportunities for you to stand out.

I still have questions, can I speak to a person??

Yes, we love speaking with our clients! You can request a call-back by filling in the form on our Contact Us page. Alternatively, send us an email and one of our super ninja Client Services Managers will be happy to call you. There’s also a Live Chat feature available through our company’s main website; simply visit Clothing Manufacturers Asia’s website.

Customising & Ordering Your Clothes

How can I order clothing from your website??

We’ve made the process of selecting, customising, and ordering your own branded clothing easy. Please visit our How It Works page to learn exactly how you can order clothing from the Pattern Behaviour website.

How can I customise the clothes on your website??

You can customise the clothing by making selections from each product’s page, and you can even include additional notes to let us know more. Please visit our How It Works page to learn exactly how you can customise clothing from the Pattern Behaviour website.

Getting Samples

Can I order samples of your clothes??

Yes. Simply visit our Shop, select the clothing items you would like to sample, in the Choose Sizes section leave a note that says you would like a sample instead of the MOQ, choose the lowest quantity from the drop-down, then add it to your basket. Do this for all products you would like to sample.

Can I get samples of the fabric swatches your clothes are made of??

Yes. Suppliers charge for swatches. If you would like swatches to be sent to you, we will need you to tell us what fabric(s) you’re looking for, send us supporting images for inspiration, and provide your mailing address. We will prepare an invoice that covers the costs of the swatches and shipping for you.

How much does a sample cost??

The sample’s production cost will depend on the garments you choose from our Shop. Since each garment has its own unique attributes, it will have its own unique production cost, and sampling cost.

Order Quantities

What are your MOQs??

Each garment has its own MOQ. This number is displayed on the product’s page in two different spots. Firstly, in the Choose Sizes section, the minimum you must order per size is explained. Secondly, in the drop-down next to the Add-to-Basket button, it shows the total MOQ per style and colour that you must order.
For example, if the drop-down says 50, and the per size minimum says 10; then you need to order a minimum of 10 of any size and make sure it adds up to 50. That would make it 50 for that one colour. If you choose more than one colour, that would make it 50 x each colour.

Why are there MOQs??

MOQs exist because of three reasons. Firstly, suppliers all have their own MOQs for fabrics and materials. This means when starting a project, manufacturers also face MOQs when procuring supplies. Secondly, manufacturers need to stop a production in order to start another and this costs them a lot of time. And third, if dyeing or printing, the amount of dye needed to match a specific colour or the amount of printing to achieve a specific design requires a specific amount of materials to be used, which impacts fabric usage and ultimately the amount of total material.

Is there a limit to how many styles I can order??

No. Feel free to order as many styles as you like. By customising one style by changing its fabrics, colours, and embellishments, you can even create newer looks.

Can I have lower MOQs than what is stated??

No. These MOQs are set by the manufacturers. Products on Pattern Behaviour are already at their lowest quantities.

Can you do on-demand productions or drop-shipping??

No. All of our manufacturers have specific MOQs for their white-label clothing. We do not sell or ship individual sales directly to your customers.

Returns Policy

Do you accept returns or refunds??

Our manufacturers do not offer refunds. If you notice any of your pieces have errors, you need to contact us within 7 days of receiving your shipment. The first thing you need to do is send us images or a video showing the errors in detail. From this, our manufacturers can determine whether you require a repair or full replacement of the specific piece(s).

Shipping Your Clothes

How does shipping work??

Your finished clothes are safely placed into clear plastic or recycled sleeves, then packed into boxes and prepared for shipment. Pattern Behaviour uses Ex-works, which means that we will arrange your shipment for you, however, you need to connect with and pay the freight forwarder directly. You can also choose a shipping agency of your own choice if you like.

How much does shipping cost??

There is no way to know the answer to this question without first seeing how many boxes, dimensions, and total weight you have to ship. Also, each freight forwarder has its own fees and you need to calculate other factors such as insurance, duties, and taxes which will impact your shipping costs. With sea freight, your minimum volume must be at least 3 cubic metres.

How long does it take to ship my order to me??

It depends on where you live, and which shipping method you choose to use. Air freight is faster than sea freight. To give you an example, our clients receive their packages usually between 4 to 10 business days from the shipping date. The fastest we’ve seen is 48 hours door-to-door. Sea freight can take months.

Do you offer FOB, CIF, or CNF shipping??

No. Once your production payments are finalised, we will help you arrange your shipping where you must pay directly to the agency you choose. This is called Ex-Works in the shipping industry.

I already have a shipping account with DHL / TNT, can I use my account for shipping??

Yes, that’s perfect. All we need is your shipping account number and your mailing address. We can even arrange your shipment for you.

What happens if my shipment gets lost or my garments are damaged during transport??

CMA guarantees that your garments are securely packed and sent with your chosen shipping company but we do not maintain any responsibility once your packages are out of our premises. It’s highly recommended that you add insurance to your shipments for this exact reason. You’ll need to speak with your shipping agent or freight forwarder for further details about your shipments.