Clothing Manufacturers Asia provides a simple sourcing process for all of your production needs. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll either source it because it’s available with our suppliers, or we’ll provide alternatives if they have something similar, or we’ll have it custom made.

We source from thousands of certified fabrics, tens of thousands of materials, and we create custom-made labels, tags, and packaging to fit your brand. All of this happens from within CMA’s trusted supplier network.

On this page we’ve provided an easy-to-understand explanation of how our sourcing process works. If you have questions, simply click this Contact Us link for assistance.

* We only provide sourcing for clients that are producing their clothing via our services.



CMA makes choosing your fabrics easy! We import the best quality certified fabrics from our international network of trusted suppliers. We source massive ranges of natural and synthetic options including recycled fabrics, organic fabrics, sustainably made fabrics, exquisite smart-fabrics, conventionally made fabrics, and we can even custom make fabrics as big brands like Lululemon or Nike do. To see some of the fabrics our clients regularly order, visit our Fabrics page – click here.


Materials are all of those components that get sewn on or in to your clothing. Think of buttons, clips, eyelets, draw-strings, loops, snaps, zippers; there are actually tens of thousands of types and variations of materials. CMA works with trusted local and international suppliers to source the best options. Customised materials like branded buttons are also possible, just ask us.


We can custom produce woven labels, care labels, and hang tags. Some of our fabric suppliers even make custom hang-tags to show fabric certifications (ex: Carvico). Care labels come in rolls, woven labels come in rolls or bags, while hang tags always come in bags. Quantities vary depending on your customisations. Check out some examples of hang tags on our Instagram post – click here.

One of the most important elements in your production is your packaging. At CMA we recommend environment-friendly options such as biodegradable bags or recycled paper. We can source a wide range of customised bags, boxes, and envelopes to fit your requirements. Everything can be custom printed with your branding. Order quantities will vary depending on your customisations.


We’ve provided a quick checklist to help you prepare for getting quotes on your clothing production. Keep in mind, you need to include details for Fabrics and Materials in your tech packs in order to receive quotes.

  1. FABRICS: Because we source from thousands of options, it’s important that you at least know which types of fabrics you’re looking to use. We recommend starting from CMA’s Fabrics page – click here.
  2. MATERIALS: There is a mind-bogglingly large number of material types available to us. The best thing to do is include descriptions with photos in your tech packs and we’ll quote on or recommend best options for you.
  3. LABELS & TAGS: These are completely customisable to fit your brand. If you’re not sure how to include specs for these in your tech packs, visit our Design Tech Packs page to learn how.
  4. PACKAGING: Although there are numerous options available, there may be some limitations in terms of materials or sizes. The best thing to do is provide us with specs and illustrations and we’ll provide quotes and/or recommendations.

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Clothing Manufacturers Asia made the process of finding a manufacturer incredibly easy and have continued to provide us with great support. We have increased our productions with CMA to almost every two months now, and expect to continue to grow from there.

Paul Tyson, Owner, ALWARS

CMA’s ethical manufacturers and sourcing brought our label to life. I highly recommend using CMA to any designer.

Nyomi Nobes, Founder, OMZII

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