Swimwear made with VITA Xtra Life Lycra by Carvico has surpassed every expectation with regard to performance, durability, and comfort. But what do we know about this wonder-fabric and how it got to be so good?

Carvico is a leading Italian manufacturer of stretch warp knit fabrics that can be used for the production of swimwear, activewear, underwear, and even some outerwear garments.

During the 2013 edition of the MarediModa exhibition in Cannes, Carvico launched their innovative performance swimwear fabric called VITA Xtra Life Lycra, by showing a short movie named Strong Like Us.

For their movie, they tested the performance of the Vita Xtra Life Lycra with the help of professional athletes. The comparative tests were carried out in real world conditions to simulate the true usage of the swimwear, clocking 8,800 hours of swimming in pools.

VITA Xtra Life Lycra

During the field tests, two groups of athletes wore swimsuits and got swimming. Without being notified of which is which, one group wore swimsuits made from VITA Xtra Life Lycra and the other group had on swimsuits made from a similar competitor’s fabric with the added chlorine-resistant yarn. While other laboratory tests assessed the fabric’s performance against the regular use of sun creams and tanning oils.

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Test results showed that swimwear made with VITA Xtra Life Lycra by Carvico is superior in almost every way than its closest competitors.

  • The fabric proved more resistant against deterioration from oils and creams.
  • Swimwear made from it maintained their shape and fit over extended wear.
  • It resisted twice as long against the damaging effects of chlorine and fibre breakage as the other chlorine-resistant lycra on the market.
  • The UPF 50+ sun protection adds further protection in outdoor wear.
  • It had four times the compression capacity of the closest competitor.
  • But one of the defining aspects of the VITA Xtra Life Lycra by Carvico is its hand-feel, due to its 20% thinner material thickness and buttery smooth texture.

To us, one of the coolest features of this fabric is its composition, and how it’s made. The fabric itself is an evolutionary step up from Carvico’s previously best-selling material called Malaga. The VITA fabric is comprised of 22% Xtra Life Lycra (Invista’s premium swimwear fibre), and 78% recycled Polyamide (PA), which is called Econyl®.

Econyl is a 100% regenerated nylon and polyester fiber made from post-consumer materials. With this process, the nylon and polyester contained in waste, such as carpets, clothing and fishing nets, is transformed back into virgin raw material without any loss of quality.

The fact that Carvico uses recycled materials from post-consumer waste is in itself a tremendous incentive for the further development of more sustainable fabrics, even for the synthetics niche.

According to Carvico, the new material is destined to become the new fabric reference for the swimming sector. And seeing by the sheer number of enquiries we receive regarding swimwear production using the Xtra Life Lycra by Carvico, we’d say they were right.

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Watch the short movie, Strong Like Us: